Coming Up Smelling of Roses

I.  Am.  Tired.  Whinge, whinge, whinge.  But I am – and grumpy and glandy and throaty and did I say I was tired?  Grr.

My baby sister was the most terrible grouch when we were little.  Mum was desperate to cheer her up so we used to have to go through a particularly obnoxious ritual every night at supper.  In order to bring a little sunshine to her chubby little chops, we would each take it in turns to say one nice thing that had happened to us that day.  I shit you not.  So, in the spirit of my mother’s most horrendous idea, I have decided to lift my mood by reflecting on nice things.  Lucky you.

Step forward number one lovely, cheering thing…the Paperless Post.  It is the best place to go to send online cards and invitations.  The thought of an online card would normally fill me with icy-cold, slightly snobby horror but I love everything about this site: the design, the product and the service.  It is the perfect paradigm of how I want my life to be.  If only I was a bit better at correspondence and brushed my hair more.  And today I got an email to say that they are introducing thank you letters and birthday cards to their range.  Fabulous!

Hello second lovely, cheering thing…Jo Malone’s Red Roses Cologne.  I bought a little bottle of it this week and the smell is making me happy.  It’s light and floral but lasts beautifully.  It smells clean, elegant and womanly.  Happiness would be filling in a Paperless Post card whilst wearing a yummy cashmere scarf which has a faint whiff of this on it.

I have just read back the two things which have made me happy today and am struck by how ridiculously shallow and acquisitive I am.  Which has made me flipping crochety again.  See – I told you this was a stupid idea.


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