Silk Pillowcases as Soft as Gervase

…am reminded of a terrible joke about a squid in a tank in a French restaurant.  Which I can’t be arsed to tell.  But which ends with the punchline:

“For Hans who wash dishes is as soft as Gervase,

For lime green, hairy lipped squid”

Anywho.  Today I will mostly be discussing something which makes your skin feel soft AND the rather fabulous Dales series by Gervase Phinn.

In reverse order, I have been thoroughly enjoying the first two books by Gervase Phinn.  I read the James Herriott books when I was about twelve and, naturally, wanted to be a vet for the next six months.  These have a similar effect on my teaching sensibilities.  Although they are slightly saccharine, there is a gentleness and humour which made them the perfect companion on a Bank Holiday in France.  Phinn is an excellent storyteller and writes dialogue very well.  Which is lucky because the greatest moments in his books are the conversations he has with a motley assortment of down to earth Yorkshire children.

The first book, “The Other Side of the Dale“, describes his first year as a school inspector in the Dales.  The second book, “Over Hill and Dale“, takes us to his second year on the job and the development of his relationship with a pretty headmistress of a local school.  He is so ebullient in his praise of her that, cynic that I am, I rushed to Google to find a picture.  That is quite weird isn’t it?  I just like to check these things – I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no harm in confirming some facts.

Had I discovered that she was suffering with dodgy skin, I might have suggested a silk pillowcase from Made in Silk.  I was given one for my birthday and think it is FABULOUS.  Apparently, it can stop you getting so wrinkly because of amino acids, or something like that.  All I know is that it is so lovely to sleep on – like an adult version of a muslin.


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